MORRIS Lubricants

Morris Lubricants is the UK’s leading, independently owned manufacturer of oil and lubricants. Manufacturing for over 150 years, Morris Lubricants has products that serve many market sectors. Each product is specifically formulated to precise requirements for each sector, whether it is for the automotive, commercial vehicle, agricultural, off highway, heritage or any other market. The range of products from Morris Lubricants covers many applications including engines, gearboxes, hydraulics, brakes, cooling systems and general maintenance. Using the range of Morris Lubricants’ products helps to maximise performance, improve fuel efficiency, enhance service life and maintain reliability, regardless of which manufacturer of vehicle, machinery or mechanical equipment used. Morris Lubricants’ products are sold to 90 countries around the globe, with each product proudly displaying the Union Jack.

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Standard Lead time for Morris Lubricants is 7 days + shipping