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SPB1250 Wedge Belt

SPB section wrapped construction wedge belt.

  • 1250mm Pitch Length.
  • 16mm Top Width.
  • 13mm Depth.

  • Wedge belts are very similar in design to the traditional v belts. They are made using a base rubber compound with heat-set pre-stretched polyester cords running through the length of the belt, these cords transmit tensile force and withstand shock loads. The belt also has a polyester cotton wrapping that grips to the pulley in which the belt is situated. The difference between a wedge belt and a traditional v-belt is that a wedge belt has a deeper cross section. This results in an increase in surface area allowing the belt to transmit a greater power than a traditional v-belt. SPB section wedge belts are both temperature and oil resistant.

    SPB section belts are used in many applications including agricultural machinery, conveyor and fan assemblies, construction equipment, automotive parts and many other light and heavy industrial applications.

    Technical Information

    All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated.

    Pitch Length: 1250mm
    Inside Length : 1190mm
    Outside Length : 1272mm
    Top Width : 16mm
    Depth : 13mm

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