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Single Phase Cap Start Cap Run Electric Motor - 2.2kw - B14 Flange Mounted - 4 Pole

  • Single Phase.
  • Capacitor Start Capacitor Run
  • 2.2kw.
  • 100L Frame.
  • 4 Pole.
  • 1500 RPM Nominal.
  • B14 Flange Mounted

Single Phase capacitor start capacitor run electric motors, often referred as cap start cap run motors, are able to handle applications that are too demanding for any other type of single phase electric motor such as a permanent capacitor motor. High starting performance means that cap start cap run motors are suitable for agricultural, high pressure washers, vacuum pumps, conveyors, and refrigeration equipment which all demand higher starting torque. The advantages of capacitor start capacitor run motors are their high starting torque, their ability to run either clockwise or anti-clockwise with a change of connection and their cool running to comparable kw powers. All our single phase cap start cap run motors have a light weight aluminium frame and have an IP55 protection rating giving dust protection and protection from low pressure jets of water meaning the operating conditions can be preserved inside the unit in most working environments. These single phase capacitor start capacitor run electric motors also have an IE1 (Eff2) standard efficiency rating. B14 motors are flange mounted.

Technical Information

All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated.

AD (Height): 263 Single phase capacitor start capacitor run 2.2kw four pole B14 electric motor
D (Shaft Diameter): 28
E (Shaft Length): 60
L (Length): 398
M (Pitch Circle Diameter): 130
N (Spigot Diameter): 110
P (Flange Diameter): 160
S (Hole Size): M8
IP Rating: IP55
Efficiency Rating: IE1

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