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Grease Gun Grease Gun
  • High quality, heavy duty grease gun.
  • Suitable for all standard 400g grease cartridges.
  • Includes a rigid hose and 4-jaw connector.
  • Flexible hoses available as an optional extra.
Price (Inc vat) £16.32

Thread Repair Kit - Metric Thread Repair Kit - Metric
  • Also known as a helicoil kit.
  • Presented in a sturdy metal case.
  • Thread sizes, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, & 12mm.
  • Includes: drill, tap, tool and a supply of thread inserts.
Price (Inc vat) £84.00

Tygris One Wipes Tygris One Wipes 110 Industrial Strength Cleaning Wipes.
  • Specifically developed for use by professionals in all trades.
  • Proven to remove tough stuff whilst remaining safe for use on hands.
  • Removes oils, grease, adhesives and much more.
  • Contains a lanolin based moisturiser to protect skin from dryness and cracking.
  • No Rinsing of hands required.
Price (Inc vat) £9.00

O-Ring Kit O-Ring Kit
  • Available in both metric and imperial sizes.
  • Presented in a sturdy plastic organizer.
  • Each kit contains 30 different sized o-rings in nitrile rubber.
  • Metric kit contains a total of 404 o-rings.
  • Imperial kit contains a total of 382 o-rings.
Price (Inc vat) £9.54
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O-Ring Splicing Kit O-Ring Splicing Kit
  • All you need to fashion your own custom o-rings.
  • Presented in a sturdy plastic case.
  • Includes a tape measure, splicing jib, safety knife and 3g bottle of adhesive.
  • 13 different 2m lengths of nitrile o-ring cord in sizes ranging from 1.78mm to 8mm.
  • Replacement cord available on request.
Price (Inc vat) £34.20

PR88 Pre Work Cream - 1 Litre Container PR88 Pre Work Cream - 1 Litre Container
  • Applied Before work.
  • Acts as a barrier, protecting skin from flith and grime.
  • protects for up to 4 hours or until exposed to water.
  • supplied in 1 litre containers giving approximately 300 applications.
Price (Inc vat) £10.51

Digital Vernier Digital Vernier
  • Easy to read LCD display.
  • Switch from metric to imperial.
  • Perfect for internal and external measurements.
  • Zero the display at any point along the slide.
Price (Inc vat) £22.20