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Vee, Wedge & Cogged Belts

Vee, Wedge and Cogged Belts

Here at Ashley Power we have a wide range of vee and wedge belts in stock. In comparison with other drive methods they provide the best combination of traction, speed of movement, load of the bearings, and long service life.

We can also offer wedge belts as SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC sections, selection being dependant on load and speed of the drive, whereas the original vee belts are offered in A, B, C and D section.

For drives requiring greater power transmission and or the ablity to wrap around smaller drive pulleys a cogged raw edge version of a vee and wedge belt is available. Banded vee belts are also available, multiples of the belts joined side by side.

Typical industries include: Air conditioning, pumps and compressor, marine, agricultural and engineering.


We now have a selection of Vee and Wedge belts available to purchase online. Click here to visit our store.


All of our catalogues are available to download in PDF format. To view our catalogues see links to the main Belt Drive and Pulley catalogue and main Vee, Wedge and Cogged Belt sections below.

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Vee, Wedge and Cogged Belt Catalogue Sections

Belts - Wrapped Construction Vee Belts (A, B, C etc)
Belts - Wrapped Construction Wedge Belts (SPZ, SPA, etc)

Belts - Raw Edge Moulded Cogged Vee Belts (AX, BX, etc)
Belts - Raw Edge Cogged Construction Wedge Belts (SPZX, SPAX, etc)

Belts - Multi Rib Belts (J and L Section)