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Timing Belts and Pulleys

Metric and Imperial Timing Belts and Pulleys

Here at Ashley Power we have a wide selection of timing belts and pulleys in stock.

A timing belt is typically a flat rubber-type material belt with teeth at a set pitch along the length of the belt, with high-tensile cords such as fibreglass, Kevlar or steel. Often used as drive belts timing belts have the advantage of being quieter than a chain drive. But the other use of timing belts is in a synchronous drive system where exact positioning or timing is required.

Two features of the belt allow its use in such applications. The first is the tooth pitch. Whether it is an imperial or metric belt, the tooth pitch allows the belt to move in controlled and accurate lengths, and the high tensile cords prevent the belt from stretching, thus maintaining the pitch accuracy of the belt.

Two common examples are as cam belts in many modern vehicle engines, and in ink-jet printers, where the belt is used to quickly and accurately move the print-head back and forth as the printer prints.

For use as a general drive belt, the Metric HTD (High Torque Drive) belts are most common. Usually black, they are available in 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 14mm pitches.

When being used as a timing belt in a synchronous drive or for accurate positioning, Synchroflex ™ or Brecoflex ™ belts are preferred. Manufactured from polyurethane, these belts are usually an off-white colour, sometimes even translucent with the tensioning cords visible. Again available in a range of tooth pitches, they are also designated as ‘T’ and ‘AT’, where the ‘AT’ denotes anti-backlash. Synchroflex belts are truly endless, cut from a sleeve with no join. Brecoflex belts are open length, and can also be joined to form belts of a non-standard length.

The other big advantage with the polyurethane belts is that they can be supplied with profiles or flights; either moulded or welded making the belts ideal for use in conveying systems where dividers or other such attachments are required.

Imperial timing belts are usually black, with the following pitches: MXL (0.08”), XL (0.2”), L (0.375”), H (0.5”) and XH (0.875”).

We also supply a comprehensive range of timing pulleys to suit all the industry standard belts that are mentioned above. The timing pulleys are available pilot-bored, or to accept a taper-lock bush, and are supplied in aluminium or steel (depending on the pulley profile and size). We are also able to offer machining capabilities for any specialist requirements.


All of our catalogues are available to download in PDF format. To view our catalogues see links to the main Belt Drive and Pulley catalogue and main Timing Belt and Pulley sections below.

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