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In any application where a chain drive is going to be used, sprockets will be required in order for the chain to transmit the power.

At Ashley Power we can supply a full range of sprockets to suit all standard tooth pitches. We can supply them in steel and cast iron (for larger sprockets) as well as stainless steel for food or other clean environments. Sprockets can be supplied pilot bored, or to fitted with a taperlock bush. They can also be supplied as plate-wheels where no hub is needed, or allowing you to use your own weld-on hub in order to fit a taperlock bush that is smaller or larger than is usual for that particular size sprocket.

Also offered are sprockets for duplex and triplex chain, as well as double simplex, in case of two separate chains running off of the same sprocket.

As well as the common roller-chain sprocket, we can also offer the more specialised conveyor sprockets, specifically designed to work with conveyor systems. These often have larger tooth pitches, and are available in additional materials such as nylon or polyurethane for use in food and other clean environments.


All of our catalogues are available to download in PDF format. To view our catalogues see links to the main Chain and Sprocket catalogue and main Simplex, Duplex and Triplex Sprocket sections below.

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