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Oil Impregnated Sintered Bronze Bushes (Including Oilite ®)

Oilite Bushes ®

Here at Ashley Power we have a wide selection of Oilite ® bushes available in metric and imperial sizes from stock.

Oil impregnated sintered bronze, otherwise known as Oilite ® is a porous bronze alloy commonly impregnated with an oil lubricant and used as a bearing. Oilite ® is formed using powder metallurgy so that tiny pores are present in the metal. The pores are then vacuum impregnated with an oil to improve the materials bearing ability. The material holds approximately 20% oil by volume. The most common lubricant is SAE 30 Oil. Oilite ® bushes are particularly usefull in confined areas due to their thin section as opposed to the conventional thicker anti friction bearings they are also suitable for use in applications of high speed.

Oilite ® is manufactured in many different forms from plain and flanged bushes to thrust washers, and can be even obtained as solid or cored bars with relatively short lengths. Oilite ® bushes are widely used in the auto industry, chemical industry, mini electrical parts, home appliances, textile machines, electrical tools and office equipment.


We now have a selection of Oilite ® bushes available to purchase online. Click here to visit our store.


All of our catalogues are available to download in PDF format. To view our catalogues see links to the main Bearings and Bushes catalogue and main Oilite ® sections below.

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