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Meet the Team

The chances are you talk to us every day. But who exactly is behind the voice on the phone? Here you can find out a little bit more about us...

Suppliers to Industry

Graham Tate
Managing Director

Hello, I am the guy who always gets asked: Haven't you retired yet? Well, the answer is no. I have not finished the job I started in July 1972, although there is a faint light at the end of that tunnel! I was pulled into Ashley Bearings (as we were then called) when just a kid of 24. I had a challenge and fulfilled my years creating a company that could serve industry and give the customer what they craved for: someone who cares. I have built up a great team. I must admit now the best ever and will keep you informed as to when the retirement party begins!

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Don Foss
General Manager

I have been with the company for over 15 Years and in the bearing business for 35 odd years wearing several different hats, such as; external sales engineer, internal sales, branch manager, purchase manager and now General Manager. I was educated at grammar school and served a Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship at an M.O.D. establishment including day release studying for a Mech Eng Technicians qualification. My hobbies are sport in general and music.


John Rowley

After doing some part time work with Ashley Power, I became a full time member of the team in January 2005. As one of the sales team, I get to talk to many of you each day. I don't originally come from an engineering background, but from a computing one, so I am also the company's IT guy for maintaining our network and PC's. I enjoy flying (never having flown until 2001), and in a combination of business and pleasure have visited Singapore, Hong Kong, America (Los Angeles, Houston and Tulsa), Holland (Amsterdam and Arnhem), France (Paris) and Norway (up into the Arctic Circle). I am very much a movie buff with a good knowledge of movie trivia - which comes in handy during the occasional quiz!

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Blaze Butler

Hello, I’m Blaze. I moved to Bournemouth from Wolverhampton at the age of 15 to turn my life around. After finishing school I joined Ashley Power in July 2010 at the age of 17 as part of an apprenticeship programme with Paragon. I completed my course in September 2011 and since then have become a full time member of the sales team. Having no previous experience the boss decided he would give me an opportunity to prove myself worthy. I have been in the job for a few years and with the help of everyone here I have gained an extensive amount of knowledge to do with the products that we supply. So if you phone us for something you require, I may be speaking to you.

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Stuart Rees

Hi, I'm Stuart. I first worked for Ashley Power back in 2009 as part of a one year work placement whilst studying business studies at Bournemouth University. Having now graduated I rejoined the company in January 2012 to continue the job. In my role I have a number of responsibilities including maintaining the company website and writing the quarterly newsletter. I have a keen interest in most sports but especially enjoy rugby, cricket and American football.


Mark Lumber

My name is Mark. I am married to Vicky and we have a beautiful girl called Chloe. This is my second marriage, but this time I have met my soul mate. I have 3 kids from my first marriage, two boys and one girl. Before joining Ashley Power I had always worked in confectionary, but after being made redundant in April 2007 I was looking for a change. Thankfully, despite having no related experience "The Boss" gave me an opportunity. I am really enjoying working for the company and get on well with this great team. Having always lived in the Parkstone Poole area, I still need a Sat-Nav to find some of the industrial estates we deliver to. However I am getting better, so if you have an order that needs delivering there is a good chance I might see you soon.

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Roy Hennessey

I joined Ashley Power in January 2014. Having been here for 6 months I am now beginning to get to know my way around all the local industrial estates and there’s always the trusty sat nav for back up. Originally from east London I am proud to say that I can call myself an official cockney having been born in “the sound of the bow bells” area. I have supported my beloved footy team West Ham all my life and at one point I even lived a stone’s throw away from the stadium.


Carol Hayward

Being Grahams other half, he pulled me in to "help out" 8 years ago, and I now head the Accounts Department. In my duties I wear many different hats, including Company Secretary, and if you hear someone on the phone asking you for money, that could be me. My background originally was very different, starting in a Science Laboratory and then into procurement, so accounts was almost a logical move, although ,to be perfectly honest, I cant stand figure work! Being part of such a great team however, makes the job both interesting and varied - just as long as I get enough time to enjoy my golf, gardening and holidays!