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Wrapped PTFE lined Bushes

Glacier Bushes

Our wrapped PTFE lined bushes are made from a high performance PTFE lined steel. There are many types of wrapped bushes but our most popular types are the WMU and WMX varieties.

WMU bushes are a dry bearing with good wear and friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperatures. WMU bushes are made from a steel backing with a PTFE lining. WMU bushes also perform well with lubrication. WMU bushes can be used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery and so on. WMU bushes are suitable for applications where there are rotational and sliding movements.

The WMX Type bushes are a marginally lubricated bearing material for grease or oil lubricated applications. These bushes again consist of a steel backing with a PTFE lining. The difference is that the PTFE lining on a WMX bush has a pattern of circular indents that are to be filled with grease when fitting the bearing. WMX bushes are used in a number of industries including pneumatic, medical and automotive applications.

Wrapped PTFE lined bushes are able to operate without lubrication, give a low wear rate and high load capacity. They also have a wide operating temperature range from -200°C up to 280°C.


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