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Circlips and E Clips

Circlips and E Clips

Here at Ashley Power we are suppliers of an extensive range of Circlips and E clips available in both metric and imperial sizes from stock.

A circlip, otherwise known as a snap ring, is a type of fastener consisting of a semi-flexible metal ring with open ends which can be snapped into a machined groove, on a dowel pin or other part to permit rotation but to prevent lateral movement.

There are two basic types of circlip: internal and external. Internal circlips are fitted into a bore and are sized relative to the bore into which they fit (not the diameter of the groove). External circlips are fitted over a shaft and are sized relative to the recommended shaft size to which they are to be fitted. It is assumed the circlip groove in the shaft is to usual standard dimensions. an E-clip allows for a much wider range of shaft size and is sized according to the groove diameter into which it is fitted.


All of our catalogues are available to download in PDF format. To view our catalogues see links to the main Associated Engineering Products catalogue and main Circlip sections below.

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Circlips - Metric - D1300 Internal
Circlips - Metric - D1400 External
Circlips - Metric - D1500 E-Clips

Circlips - Imperial - N1300 Internal
Circlips - Imperial - N1400 External
Circlips - Imperial - N1500 E-Clips